Accessing a mentor
has never been

The road to finding a career or career success is often a bumpy one. But, imagine how much easier it would be if you had an experienced industry leader available anytime to offer advice and expert guidance.



We are a community that aims to help the largest student population in world to take INFORMED DECISIONS by connecting them with people/mentors who have actually experienced the whole journey. We strongly believe that counselling/mentoring is more than making a student sit for an aptitude test and bombarding her/him with hundreds of career options to choose from. The goal is to make sure that the career decision is based on who you are and what you like rather than what people around you think is best for you.


Desired number of
students per counsellor


Current number of
students per counsellor


Higher education candidates
are incapable of making
career decisions.


Oppurtunities in Higher
education/jobs are grade/score
driven rather than skills driven.

Why Edansh?

The Mentorship Approach.

  Informed vs Influenced decisions

Our community of mentors aims to help students find what they enjoy and make an informed career decision over an influenced one.

  Info sessions

Regular info sessions by industry experts from diverse backgrounds to bridge the gap between academics and professional learning.

  Explore Yourself

Our main focus is to help students find the best versions of themselves and then let that version decide what student wants to pursue as a career.

  One-to-One Mentoring

Our platform allows to learn from people who are wearing the same shoes you aspire to put your foot in.

Meet Our Mentors

Mentors are the guiding force in one’s career path. Our vast network of enigmatic leaders have come together to share their valuable knowledge and experiences to groom our next generation.

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“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, a push
in the right direction".


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